Hi, welcome to my professional website. If you are interested in my sports activities, please visit EUrunner.eu.

Career path

I graduated in psychology from Masaryk University. At first, I was not entirely clear about what area of psychology I wanted to pursue. But in the last two years of my studies, I was most interested in clinical psychology, so I chose it for my doctoral studies. I undertook several psychotherapy training courses and, although I later moved into a different area in my professional development, I still benefit from my psychological and psychotherapeutic skills today. During my doctoral studies, I also started working at Masaryk University as an assistant professor, and in addition, I established a private psychotherapy practice.

A significant turning point in my career came from the interdisciplinary research I gradually became involved in at university. At that moment, a door opened to other fields, especially to the human factors domain, of which I had no idea until then. Human-machine interaction absorbed me. I joined Honeywell as a part-time researcher but moved to full-time immediately after completing my Ph.D.

I learned a lot during more than four years at Honeywell while developing interfaces for transport aircraft pilots. Still, I perceived my inadequacy in design, so I spent the next few years developing my skills primarily as a UX designer. I started taking regular drawing classes and added programming skills to my knowledge to be able to create simple web applications. To this day, I still consider myself mainly a researcher, but I can now do other work across the whole application development cycle.

From the beginning of 2021, my wife and I have been trying to start our own company, EMPLORES s.r.o., which is the intersection of our professional expertise: I apply knowledge from user research to employee experience research. My wife, who has many years of experience in people management, training, and coaching, is, in turn, working on improving the employee experience. Even though our efforts have not yet met with much success, working on our project has been a hugely valuable experience, as we are experiencing first-hand how hard it is to get a functioning company up and running.


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