While still studying, I arranged a trade license and earned extra money by selling my computer-art images and graphics. Later, I added other business activities, such as counseling, psychodiagnostic, and education. In the end, my wife and I decided to establish the EMPLORES research company, where we focus on employee experience (EX) research.


Some time ago, I started a promising career as a psychologist. I graduated from clinical psychology, completed psychotherapeutic training, and began working as a therapist. But when I got involved in applied research, I changed my mind. I gave up my clinical career and began working as a researcher and occasionally as a designer in software application development.


First, I wanted to run a 10K race, then a half marathon, and finally a marathon. Suddenly, I found myself running on a hundred-kilometer track. I like running in the mountains and hills. Whenever I can, I set out on multi-day stage runs. I carry all I need in my backpack. A few years ago, I started sharing my adventures within the EUrunner project.


mail:       dkunes@post.cz

mobile: +420 604 820 537