Honeywell, 2020

US 10540899B2

In this patent, we address a situation where aircraft pilots suddenly have to divert to an alternative destination. The area along the planned flight route is divided into segments. We calculate the best alternate landing airport for each segment, considering various external conditions, such as weather.

Honeywell, 2019

US 10499827B2

Within this patent, we present a procedure for assessing the mental and physical condition of the pilot (e.g., fatigue) based on data from ECG sensors located on the seat in the cockpit. Using the signal-to-noise ratio, we infer the current state of the pilot.

Honeywell, 2019

US 10430048B2

This patent relates to the display of information on the availability and suitability of an airport for landing with respect to many criteria, such as the size and weight of the aircraft, the availability of fuel, airport services, or, for example, connecting flights for passengers.

Honeywell, 2019

US 10304344B2

We address a situation where the pilot needs to make an emergency landing at an alternate airport. We propose a system that plans a route to an alternate airport, considering various flight restrictions, such as restricted airspace.

Honeywell, 2018

US 10134289B2

In this patent, we propose an algorithm and displaying methods for a stabilized approach of an aircraft to a destination airport. To do so, we use data ​​obtained from onboard avionics, such as the aircraft’s position, its speed, the position of the airport, etc.

Honeywell, 2018

US 10109203B2

We divide the area along the planned flight route into separate segments. For each segment, we calculate the most suitable airport for an emergency landing. When planning a flight, we present these suitable alternative destinations to pilots using a tablet application.

Honeywell, 2018

US 10096253B2

Similar to the previous, this patent relates to the availability of alternate airports along the planned flight route. The system takes into account both information from onboard avionics and current information about available airports and categorizes airports according to the calculated suitability for landing.

Honeywell, 2018

US 10086950B1

The patent is describing a system that collects information about the current state of the aircraft in flight. If the conditions require intervention, the system uses sensors to determine which electronic device the pilot currently uses. Then, it displays a warning on that particular screen.

Honeywell, 2018

US 10055963B1

The system detects the physiological state of the pilot flying. At the same time, it monitors the physiological state of the resting pilot. When one of the monitored values ​​exceeds a predetermined threshold, it suggests their replacement.

Publications, 2021

Book (in Czech language)

This book relates to my hobby: ultrarunning. I share my experience and knowledge from my ten-year runner’s career. I am particularly proud of it because I managed the whole end-to-end process myself, from writing to designing and publishing the book.

kniha Jak se Učím běhat

Portál, 2009

Monograph (in Czech language)

The book Self-Knowledge is a popular version of my dissertation, in which I attempted to integrate various psychotherapeutic approaches into one comprehensive system. Many practical examples and exercises supplement the theoretical overview.

kniha Sebepoznání

Portál, 2005

Translation of papers collection

The Evolution of Psychotherapy is a collection of papers from a 1985 conference. The most outstanding personalities of psychotherapy attended it at the time and gave their presentations. It took me a whole year to translate a 712-page book from English into Czech, but I don’t regret it because I improved my knowledge of English and the field of psychotherapy, respectively.

kniha Umění psychoterapie



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