Sports Psychologist

I am a sports psychologist focusing on supporting and developing mental skills in professional and hobby athletes. As a runner, I am closest to endurance sports, and my most frequent clients are runners, cross-country skiers, biathlonists, cyclists, or swimmers. Besides them, shooters also use psychological services very often. However, I also work with entire sports clubs, footballers, floorballers, and hockey players. My office is in Brno, but we meet with clients outside Brno online.



Searching for the strengths and weaknesses of the athlete, setting psychological strategies.

Skills training

Dealing with intense emotions, calming down, narrowing attention, and building mental toughness.

Goals setting

Setting realistic and achievable goals that align with the athlete’s personality traits and values.

Motivational talks

Finding and overcoming psychological barriers to achieve sport-related goals.

Performance analysis

Evaluating race performance and developing psychological strategies for upcoming races.


Psychological support during demanding multiday stage races, extreme events, or expeditions.


Session in Brno, CZE

1100CZK (45€ /50US$)

50 min

Monday   9:00 – 17:00

Friday   9:00 – 13:00

Online session

1100CZK (45€ /50US$)

50 min

Monday to Friday

9:00 – 18:00

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50 min

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Sportovní psycholog David Kuneš

David Kuneš, Ph.D.

Sports Psychologist

Phone: +420 604 820 537


Office: Divadelní 6, Brno, Czech Republic

I obtained psychological education from Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. After completing my master’s degree, I continued with doctoral studies in clinical psychology, which I achieved by obtaining a Ph.D. in 2010. In addition, I participated in many psychotherapeutic trainings and courses. I specialize mainly in sports psychology because, as an amateur athlete, I am very close to the community. If you want to learn about my sports achievements, please visit

Clients feedback


I contacted David because I was going through a period of uncertainty (health limitations). … David himself does a lot of sports and, therefore, understands an active person’s soul and life. He is a great listener and can advise on how to proceed in a given situation.


Thanks to him, I assured myself that I enjoy running the way I do … I successfully participated in the Czech National Uphill Running Championships on the Ještěd mountain, although I was initially more worried about the journey and related issues.


Very nice and friendly. It’s been two years since he helped me, and I still benefit from his advice and recommendations…

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